04 January 2009

Decibel. 240 E. 9th St (between 2nd and 3rd)

Greetings Fork readers!

As I'm sure you're well aware, 2009 is now upon us which only means one thing - time to turn over a new leaf and begin again with new resolutions and promises to ourselves. Mine are simple - dine more, wine more, and of course - blog more. We'll see how true this holds. ;)

Since I haven't really been out to any amazing restaurants as of late, I'm going to blog about one that I find myself and my friends frequenting often - Decibel Sake Bar.

Decibel was introduced to me last year sometime, and isn't really a restaurant, but rather a sake bar in East Village. On the corner of East 9th and 2nd Ave, you'll see a small, lit sign directing you to walk downstairs. Good luck getting a table after 10pm ANY night of the week - the establishment only seats about 60 and tables fill up fast. This shouldn't make you feel intimidated; and neither should the speak-easy feel where no matter what your age, they ID you at the door and you're forced to wait in a tiny room until they let you in past the rope blocking the entryway into the main room.

Decibel boasts an incredible sake list, and I have not once been disappointed by the service (we nearly always get a server named Jim, who is extremely knowledgeable) nor the ambiance, nor the sake. He even recommended where to buy said bottles of sake that we consume on a near-weekly basis.

In addition, the "tapas" (or small plates, if you will) never disappoint. Be it the unagi (that Adrian always eats like, six bowls of), the yellowtail tuna sashimi (which I always eat like, three plates of), the wasabi dumplings (holy crap are you in for a kick to the face), or the okonomiyaki (Osaka style, not to be confused with Hiroshima style, which I prefer), you won't be disappointed at how well they compliment the sake you will be consuming in mass quantities.

Only thing that's killer is the price - you'll always walk out with at least a $100 tab if you're not careful.

Decibel gets 3.5 forks:

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