04 January 2009

Wine Barrr, 1313 Linda Street (right off Detroit Rd.), Rocky River, OH

Due to the recent decline development of both my best friend and I turning into wineos, after a long, hard day of Christmas shopping, we felt it none other than fitting and appropriate to drop a few hundred hard-earned dollars on some delicious wine and appetizers.

After a last-minute liquor store run to pick up some some imbibements a few days prior, I had to convince Maresa that Malbecs are indeed good and can be incredibly tasty. It was about 20F that day, with a windchill of about -1F, so I took the liberty of ordering the Catena Mendoza '06 Malbec. Regulated at a perfect 54F (I think), I haven't tasted a Malbec that good since....um....well...anyways.

With Maresa now converted, we decided to mack on an appetizer recommended to me by both my father and sister - the avocado and brie bruschetta with fresh tomato and herbs. I'm a huge fan of bruschetta, but not a huge fan of brie, and with avocado? Avocado goes in guac, not on a traditional Italian dish.

Of course I was completely wrong, and by the 3rd glass of wine for each of us, Maresa and I were debating if we should save any for our compadres who were arriving later, or if we should consume the rest and just order another plate.

Other than that, the rest of the food & wine was just alright, save for the truffle mac & cheese that one of my friends ordered, which was quite stellar. We had a Bordeaux that was just alright (I think I'm more of a full-bodied red fan anyways), and a few other apps that were pricey, but just okay (duck wontons, fries, PEI mussels).

The service was good, ambiance was classy, and our server was (somewhat) knowledgeable about the wines on the list (he recommended the better Malbec, but knew nothing about the Bordeaux).

I walked away with a hefty tab and an awesome black long-sleeved shirt that says "wino" in bold white letters across the front. You know me - always keeping it classy (& real!).

I'd go back for the bruschetta and the Malbec, but that's about it. (My father would argue otherwise.) 3 Forks:

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geowingo said...

well, it is about time that the Fork gets revisited for many Fork fans have been asking for more insight into Katie's culinary carousings....love, dad

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