24 August 2008

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

Readers, I don't have much time as I'm mooching internet from my friend Nick and I'm absolutely exhausted after climbing Mt. Fuji & need a nap, BUT - I couldn't resist a quick post from Japan for you.

I was told by many that the Tsukiji fish market is one of THE things you do in Tokyo, and the thing you should do your second day in Japan, as you're still jet-lagged (except I wasn't, at all) and up early, and what's better than sushi caught off the ocean that morning for breakfast?

Turns out, nothing. I took a photo of the outside of the restaurant and the menu, but let's just say for ~$10 USD, I got the most ridiculously fresh tuna and salmon I will probably ever taste in my life.

Rice, raw fish and some crappy tea never tasted better at 8am.

4 Chopsticks (only because I can't find a photo of one chopstick alone to make 5, but know that it was just that good):


geowingo said...

hi Sweets....interesting comments, wish i was there to enjoy morning sushi!! love, dad

geowingo said...

oh and the chopsticks are very funny...wonderful, original thought!

Matt Neely said...


Glad to see you made it over to Japan. That rocks! I'll keep track of the places you recommend so if I ever make it over I'll know where to eat!


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